Information Management

Information management provides our customers with visibility and accessibility of their logistic operations in all services provided. Our technology department is fully aligned with the customer's business needs, always seeking innovation, process automation and result optimization.

Through standard market or customized interfaces, we interconnect with customers through EDI. This process aims at eliminating typing errors and reducing the deadline for follow-up of orders, requests for collections and deliveries, etc.

In addition to these interfaces, our systems perform management and control of operations conducted in our units, whether bonded or not:

Webtracking system in bonded areas de interior, container terminals or borders, that meets the specific needs for  regulatory and documental security.

Warehouse management system (WMS) in the distribution centers, which provides control of all cargo activities in the warehouse, whether in general or affiliate scheme.

The transport management system (TMS) is fully integrated with the Distribution Centers and Dry Ports.

Corporate Management System: SAP, responsible for consolidating all the business units.

Our operations are conducted through both indoor and outdoor data collectors. For such, we have local, remote network structure and Wi-Fi in all the units in order to cover all operations.

To better meet our operations, the IT department is continuously seeking the best market solutions. RFID for control of high-value cargos, OCR for automatic control of entry and exit of vehicles, container scanner, cargo weighing and volume calculating equipment, Vertical Shuttle, voice-picking are some examples of technologies being studied and/or implemented.